The Journey Isn’t Over! What God Has Said Will Happen!


Have you ever had one of those “Wow” moments? I had one of those this past week, as I was doing my morning Devo’s. It impacted me so much I thought I should share it. It is my goal and hope that this post will encourage you to not let go of what God has said to you.

This “Wow” moment began with the story of David in the Bible. Here is the synopsis of the story:

David was anointed to be King at 17; after he was anointed he went back to doing what he always did. I’m sure he thought about that day often. Just like we do when we feel God spoke something to our hearts we think about it, we wonder how it’s going to come to pass. Then David has this “Big Defining Moment” He kills Goliath with a stone and cut’s off his head with Goliaths own sword. The Israelites go crazy and Saul (the current king) is ecstatic. I can’t help but think that David must have thought, “Wow!” “It is happening I am in the king’s presence now”. “I am eating at his table”. It must have looked liked the dream to be king was coming to pass. Remember this was God’s dream for David. He was meant to be king. As most of us know the story turned. Saul began to despise David and everything turns from bad to worse, so much so he has to go in to hiding. (I Samuel 16-20)

I can’t help but think of how David must have felt. I really can’t imagine that David envisioned his Journey to being King would involve running for his life and ducking spears. I’m sure this was not the journey he thought he signed up for. Maybe your reading this an your journey has not looked like the way you thought it would or should. Just remember like David you are still in the middle of the story, and what God said to David really does happen. The dream He has placed in you will happen too. Just keep walking it out, and don’t quit dreaming.

The ‘Wow” moment that blew me away is what God does for David in the middle of this journey. It is in one of David’s darkest moments that God reminds  David of one of his biggest defining moments. It is found in Samuel chapter 21 verses 8 & 9.

David left in such a hurry that he didn’t have any food or a weapon so he stops to see a priest named Ahimelech. David asked Ahimelech, “Do you have a spear or sword? The king’s business was so urgent that I didn’t even have time to grab a weapon!” “I only have the sword of Goliath the Philistine, whom you killed in the valley of Elah,” the priest replied. “It is wrapped in a cloth behind the ephod. Take that if you want it, for there is nothing else here.” “There is nothing like it!” David replied. “Give it to me! (NLT)

How cool is God that He brought David back to one of David’s biggest defining moments! The day he killed Goliath. I think it’s so awesome how God orchestrated that to remind David of that spectacular day on one of David’s darkest days. It’s like I can see David lighting up when he says, “There is nothing like it!”

God is so awesome and faithful to bring reminders to us as we walk out this journey. The arrival to the dream may be further in the future than you desire but God will bring it to pass if we don’t give up. David’s journey to the throne had a ways to go even after he was given Goliaths sword, so don’t give up even if God reminds you only half way through your journey. David did become king and what God said did come to pass the journey isn’t over; this is only one chapter. What God has said will happen. Remind yourself today of how God has always brought you through. Remind yourself that God is faithful to do what he says He will do! He sees you today! You are not forgotten!

– Tara







Break the Cycle

Have you ever shared your dream with someone and instead of hearing I believe in you! You can do it! They belittled your dream, your goal, and your assignment. Perhaps you were hoping for a Mordecai to cheer you and say you were brought to the kingdom for such a time as this. Instead you encountered Saul, someone jealous, and ready to haul spears at you.

I am convinced that most people at one time or another have faced rejection! From personal experience I can say that it stings more when it comes from someone who you valued but they didn’t value you back.The question is not if someone will reject you or your dream, but what to do when someone rejects you or your dream?

1) Don’t let what’s happen to you happen through you!

I was reading earlier this week about Joseph. If you have not read the story before check it out starting in Gen. 37, but here is the synopsis. God gave him a dream and his brothers hated him because of the dream. That’s what I always saw when I would read this story. They hated the dreamer, but the other day I saw something I had never seen before. It’s found in the verse right above where Joseph shared his dream.

It says, “ when his brothers saw that their father loved him more than any of them, they hated him and could not speak a kind word to him” (NLT).

The bottom line is hurting people hurt people! His brothers felt hurt by their dad and they took it out on Joseph. Thankfully Joseph stopped this cycle he forgave, and his dream actually came true. He also delivered, and saved his entire family from famine. It seems that most people who have tried to kill your dream have had someone kill theirs. It’s so important to forgive! I know it hurt. I know their words or actions stung, but this world needs healthy leaders. Don’t let what’s happen to you happen through you. Stop the cycle, and forgive!

2) Be to the next generation what you wish someone would have been for you!

Years ago my husband and I were just starting out in ministry we were let go (which is a nice way of saying fired) from a ministry position. I was 5 months pregnant and we were now jobless, no insurance, and felt abandoned. I remember crying out to God saying I have no one!

I flipped on the tv which I know doesn’t sound very spiritual but I happened to be living in Tulsa where almost every station that Is local has some type of preaching on it. Lisa Bevere happened to be on, and said something that would become a defining life-changing moment for me. She said, “she use to ask for that mentor that person that would cheer her on and, mentor her until one day God said be to the next generation what you wish someone would have been for you”.

That statement hit me so hard back then. It changed everything. From that moment I chose to be for people, and their dream! To be that leader to others that I wish someone would have been for me especially in my earlier years. Just to clarify, I discovered that as I got my eyes off of myself and what I desperately thought I needed, God brought other leaders into my life that have spoken life to me and encouraged me. I’m thankful for those mentors. We do need each other! We were never meant to do life alone!

I hope this blog encourages you today to go and speak life to someone! You could be the Mordecai they needed.

Transition- Pt. 1

Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

I Know I haven’t blogged in over a year, but it was a weird year!! Jason and I are in transition right now, and if you have ever been in transition you know what I’m talking about!! One thing I noticed about transition is it’s not a hot topic to talk about. There are a plethora of books written about leadership, growth, outreach, ect…, but not much about the in-between, or if your walking through some type of disappointment.

The weird thing about transition is that so many people at some point or another will experience transition. It isn’t just a ministry thing but a life thing. One thing I have noticed through this entire situation is that God is faithful. Even when I don’t understand everything or know exactly how every detail will play out. I do know God is faithful, it will be good, and he’s working it all out. I know that might sound elementary but when you’re in the middle of it, it’s an anchor!!

A week ago I sent out a post asking what did you learn in transition-here is some of the comments!

Latrice- I’ve learned that sometimes the transitions are not about moving             locations, or job changes. Sometimes they are God’s way of transitioning the  heart from a me-centered, or fill-in-the-blank-centered focus to a more Christ- centered focus. Without the pressure, uncertainty, and stretch of the transition, one might remain stagnant or passive.

Paige- That God’s timing is perfect

Mike-Transition is difficult especially when you are living Romans 12:1-2 testing and knowing the will of God as you offer yourselves as a living sacrifice. I love to say it is awesome and awful, beautiful and brutal but so worth it.

Melanie–Transition time for me has been God-chasing time. Seeking Him is great             because of the promise attached to it, we find Him! Loving God’s presence!

Jason – Don’t let the past failures or disappointments limit us

I think I’m going to keep writing during the rest of my transition, so in a year I can look back at this and say wow what a cool story!!


Desire + Discipline = Delight

Desire + Discipline = Delight

I love January! There is always a new sense of beginning in the air. It seems to be a month of new beginnings, and starting over. A new year always seems to bring new dreams, new goals, and a new fire that seems to be contagious. I love reading my friends reflections of the previous year, and their declarations of the New Year; it’s inspiring! I love the new, I love to dream, and I love new beginnings, but we need to keep the passion and dreams that are burning in our hearts in January alive and burning in our hearts in July. (I know good thought right!)

It’s easy to get excited with the new that is why Gym’s all across America capitalize on this and offer great deals for Gym memberships. We’ve all seen it, “If you sign up for a year get the first month for free!” They know you are going to start strong and quit by July. They know you are excited about losing weight and being fit and healthy, but they also know you will begin to dread getting up at 4:30 AM to work out.” I have to say I have been guilty of this; right after my first son Kaden was born I bought a membership to a Gym I started up in January, and I loved to say I made it,  but I was done by February.
Why did I fail? I didn’t keep the vision and the passion I had in January, and I didn’t cultivate my passion into discipline. Yes! I used the D word “Discipline” I know it’s not the word you want to hear in January. You want to hear something that rhymes like my 2012 will be divine! In 2012 I will thrive so hold on for the ride!
We need the passion, the fire, the vision, and the word that God spoke to you burning in your heart. I believe God wants to do the impossible in and through you this year. I just want to encourage you to keep what you got in January burning hot all year! Keep it before you. Paul told Timothy to stir up the gift, to stir up the dream, and to fan the flame!

2 Timothy 1: 6 (Amp) that is why I would remind you to stir up (rekindle the embers of, fan the flame of, and keep burning) the [gracious] gift of God, [the inner fire]!
Whatever God has spoken to you about 2012, don’t let it go! Keep it stirred up!! Keep that momentum and drive all way through!!! Desire + Discipline = Delight.