Perspective Really Is Everything


                                                                          (Special Guest Blog-By Sarah Griffith)

 Sarah is an awesome friend, woman and leader in the church, and I am honored to have her as my first guest blogger. Sarah Pastors alongside her husband Chris at Pursuit Church in Bartiesville, Ok. I believe her blog today will encourage you and inspire you.

 If you have been in ministry or church leadership for any amount of time, you have likely heard this statement over and over again… Perspective is everything. But can something as simple as our perspective really effect our situations THAT much?

The definition of perspective is: a particular attitude or way of regarding something; a point of view. I find this definition to be unique because our attitude often determines our point of view, and in turn our point of view often determines our attitude.

2 Corinthians 4:18 tells us to “fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary, and what is unseen is eternal.”

This verse is applicable to every situation you will ever face in your ministry, with your family, at your job. When the bills pile up, when your church isn’t growing, when you feel like you have lost all effectiveness. It provides both instruction and encouragement. If we fix our eyes on our current situation (what is seen), we are forced to take our eyes off of Jesus (what is unseen). Whenever we take our eyes off of Him, our problem becomes magnified. We lose our perspective. And when our point of view changes- our attitude changes. When our eyes are fixed on Jesus we have faith, and hope, and wisdom, and peace. When our eyes are fixed on our situation we have fear, and worry, and doubt, and oppression.

Here is the encouraging part… what is seen is temporary! Our situation, our trial, and our season of struggle… it’s going to end! But our God is eternal, His love is eternal. His provision and solution is ahead of us and THAT is what we are to fix our eyes on. When we keep our perspective (our attitude and our point of view) laser focused on Jesus and what His Word promises for us, we are able to make it through our current difficulty with our head held high and our hearts full of courage. Exactly the way Jesus intends us to.

Throughout the Bible we are reminded that troubles will come, difficulties will arise, and things will not always go the way we think they should. But for every instance we find of God’s people dealing with lack, hardship or trouble, we also see God mightily working things out on their behalf. We see impossible situations completely turned around. We see betrayal replaced by honor. We see miraculous provision in times of desolation and famine. These are the things we need to fix our eyes on- the unfailing eternal power of the God who calls us His own, and loves us so much that He gave His only son to die on a cross, just for us.

No matter what situation you are facing today- whether you’re attempting to overcome defeat, scrambling to figure out how to function in uncharted territory, or experiencing what seems to be the most difficult, debilitating struggle you have ever known, I encourage you to maintain a perspective of thankfulness. Don’t fix your eyes on how bad this temporary situation may seem. Instead thank God for the provision, peace and blessing that is on the horizon. His promises are true; His love never fails. Our perspective really IS everything.

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