I believe every person has a God assignment!  Something they were born to do. Maybe your reading this and you know exactly what that assignment is, or maybe your just beginning that journey, and starting to discover what that is. Either way I think this blog is for you, and I want to share some of the things I have discover as I have walked out my assignment.

1) Don’t compare yourself and your journey to someone else’s!

          Seriously write that down!  You cannot do your God assignment successfully while comparing yourself to what others are doing. You have everything you need to do what God has designed for you to do. You have the right skill sets, the right gifting, and the right personality. You have what you need for your specific assignment. If you start comparing yourself with someone else you will get off of your assignment and start trying to do theirs. That’s a frustrating unfulfilling place to be.  You don’t have the grace for their race you have grace for your race.  You are an original and you need to be you. This world needs you! Please be you! Plus if your busy wishing you were doing what they are doing you will miss the awesome things God wants to do in you, and through you.

2) Don’t look for the “Wow” and miss the Now.

        The little things you do everyday matter. It may not seem like it, and it may not feel like it, but it matters. Those seemingly un-wow moments can be very significant. Keep doing what you know to do.  We all like the “Wow” moment in a story, that place where we see the effects and the fruit immediately, but the reality is most great things take time.

            Think about It.  I wonder if David from the bible saw the significance of killing the lion and the bear.  I wonder if he knew it was preparing him for the “Wow” moment where he would take down Goliath. It really is all those little things that prepare you for that “Wow” moment. So don’t despises the moment your in. Zechariah 4: 10a say’s, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin” ( NLT,

 3) Enjoy the journey!

      Seriously enjoy were you are at. Stop waiting for the season your in to be over!  Your life is not just a specific moment it’s the entire journey. Enjoy whatever stage of the journey your in. Don’t spend your life living in the one day I’m going to do this or that. Or I’m going to be satisfied and feel successful and fruitful when I fulfill this specific assignment. If you live like that; you will miss the journey. Don’t rush it! Enjoy it.



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