Transition pt. 2- Enjoy the Ride!

Last week I posted on Transition and how it can be such a weird season. Transition is not really here nor there it’s that in-between on the way to where your going kind of thing. At the beginning of this whole experience I just wanted it to end and be there wherever there might be. Don’t’ get me wrong I am looking forward to what God has next for us, but now I’ve learned to enjoy the ride!

I realized if I didn’t’ I would always be looking for the next thing and I missed all the great things along the way. My outlook on transition changed when I began to study David’s life.

David was called to be king, but it is all the victories, stories, and assignments in-between that we still talk about today! Think about it! We always talk about the lion and the bear. We talk and teach on how David whooped up on Goliath. We talk about how he stood up when the rest of the army was hiding. We talk on how David and all these guys were hiding out in a cave depressed, and distressed and God took that mess and rose up a might army and they became the mighty men!!

I really believe that It’s so important that we enjoy the journey. I had to stop and think over this past year and just celebrate the wins even if they were small! What wins can you celebrate today?

Stop waiting for the season your in to be over!

Don’t rush it celebrate the doors God opens celebrate killing the bear celebrate killing the lion celebrate killing the giant, and enjoy the ride!!!