Desire + Discipline = Delight

Desire + Discipline = Delight

I love January! There is always a new sense of beginning in the air. It seems to be a month of new beginnings, and starting over. A new year always seems to bring new dreams, new goals, and a new fire that seems to be contagious. I love reading my friends reflections of the previous year, and their declarations of the New Year; it’s inspiring! I love the new, I love to dream, and I love new beginnings, but we need to keep the passion and dreams that are burning in our hearts in January alive and burning in our hearts in July. (I know good thought right!)

It’s easy to get excited with the new that is why Gym’s all across America capitalize on this and offer great deals for Gym memberships. We’ve all seen it, “If you sign up for a year get the first month for free!” They know you are going to start strong and quit by July. They know you are excited about losing weight and being fit and healthy, but they also know you will begin to dread getting up at 4:30 AM to work out.” I have to say I have been guilty of this; right after my first son Kaden was born I bought a membership to a Gym I started up in January, and I loved to say I made it,  but I was done by February.
Why did I fail? I didn’t keep the vision and the passion I had in January, and I didn’t cultivate my passion into discipline. Yes! I used the D word “Discipline” I know it’s not the word you want to hear in January. You want to hear something that rhymes like my 2012 will be divine! In 2012 I will thrive so hold on for the ride!
We need the passion, the fire, the vision, and the word that God spoke to you burning in your heart. I believe God wants to do the impossible in and through you this year. I just want to encourage you to keep what you got in January burning hot all year! Keep it before you. Paul told Timothy to stir up the gift, to stir up the dream, and to fan the flame!

2 Timothy 1: 6 (Amp) that is why I would remind you to stir up (rekindle the embers of, fan the flame of, and keep burning) the [gracious] gift of God, [the inner fire]!
Whatever God has spoken to you about 2012, don’t let it go! Keep it stirred up!! Keep that momentum and drive all way through!!! Desire + Discipline = Delight.