For My first entry in my blog I really desired something witty and inspirational to say, so I literally waited for weeks to post anything. I know laugh all you want, but this was eye opening for me. How many of us wait and never begin. We have dreams of the some day the one day, oh and lets not forget are divine appointment day, but what about the start day. What are you putting off that God put in your heart to do? What are waiting for? If you wait for everything to be perfect or for that BIG opportunity you will always be left waiting why others are doing! Don’t despise the day of small beginnings (Zech 4) Just Begin!

I believe there are people right now that came to this blog not by accident, but to hear this one word, “START”. If God told you to do something stop waiting for the perfect moment and just begin already! This generation needs you and is waiting on you! There are songs that need to be written and sung. Business that need to be started! Ideas that need to be cultivated and shared, and cities that need to be reached for Christ! It’s time to START!!